In the summer of 2005, God began to speak to Pastor Phillip Gonzales with a vision to reach out to people who had been hurt or turned off to the traditional Church.
There were three goals.
   1) To invite people to come to Jesus with fresh eyes and see Him for who He really is.
   2) To help them make life-changing connections with Christ, with a Church community, and with their personal Calling.
   3) To empower them to walk in their calling with excellence to be a light in the world for Christ and to drive back the darkness for the glory of God through lives transformed by Christ.
With the blessing and support of the pastor and elders from Gateway Grace Fellowship in Fort Myers, FL, we held our first “preview gatherings” from late July of 2011 through March of 2012, then took some time to evaluate and prepare for a “soft launch” in August of 2012.   August 4, 2012 was the date we began weekly Saturday night meetings at the Gateway Grace facility as we continued to develop the “core group.”
In October of 2014, we launched out on our own from the Gateway Grace building as we set up our own organization, offices and gathering space.  We met in the gymnasium at DeLaSalle Academy on Plantation Road in Fort Myers, and spend about a year and a half doing “porta-church” as we setup and tore down each week.
In the Spring of 2016, God provided us a rent-free opportunity to have a dedicated meeting space we could leave set up, using the main room at the Royal Palm Association of Churches, sbc, where we also have our offices.  This was a great way to continue our partnership with Royal Palm, and though it was a smaller venue, it was a great chance to experience a more “intimate” environment for connection.
In November of 2016, the pastor of Masterpiece Church approached Pastor Phillip with a proposal: would we like to rent their facility for our Saturday night Worship Gatherings?  This would be a great blessing to them financially, and a wonderful opportunity to get back to a larger space and more dynamic environment.  In March of 2017, we launched Season 4 in our new gathering space, and we’re having a blast!